Commissions are the part of Cocozza's business where he creates one of a kind works for his clients. Cocozza views commissioned work as a unique opportunity to create memorable artwork that his clients will enjoy and can engage with. While Cocozza specializes in portrait drawing & painting, he also works in various other art genres (still life, landscape, contemporary, controversial, surreal etc). 

Cocozza enjoys working in a large breadth of mediums from oil paint to watercolor and so on. Below are mediums that he offers for commissioned works.

 Drawing Mediums


  • Graphite Pencil

  • Charcoal

  • Colored Pencil

  • Pen

  • Colored Pen

  • Marker

 Painting Mediums


  • Acrylic

  • Oil

  • Watercolor 

  • India Ink (Color)

  • Ink

Additionally, Cocozza offers the below surface mediums for his commission works. 

 Drawing Surfaces

  • White Sketchbook Paper

  • White Watercolor Paper

  • White Bristol Board 

  • Toned Paper (grey & earthy colors)

Painting Surfaces

  • Stretched Canvas (standard)

  • Canvas Paper

  • Wood Panel Flat

  • Wood Panel Thick

  • Gessoed Watercolor Paper

  • Watercolor Paper

For further information (questions, inquiries, pricing, etc.) please contact Cocozza at, or send a message via the contact page.

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All Artwork was Created by and is the sole Property of Dominick Cocozza.  If any artwork is shared please give proper credit!!